Zuo Hui many entrepreneurs blame the failure of execution but the real reason is the lack of strateg

Abstract: this generation of fate, may you should do some style is not so high things, never want to go down in history. Some time ago read a statement, the United States the most outstanding high-tech enterprises, such as Tesla what, doing all things particularly tall, China most outstanding high-tech enterprises are sent to lunch.

The significance of the existence of a company


the past two years, many enterprises, especially in the analysis of the intermediary industry chain of home, I never respond, because their evaluation is not important for me, I am not an arrogant person, but they don’t understand us.

I used to answer, or throw two colleagues to think about.

first, what is the meaning of our existence in the end, in the end to the community to create what value, there is no home or chain home will be any different;

second, what are we in the context of what the value of what people? I think a lot of entrepreneurs can ask themselves.

is now a lot of people talking about the chain as a benchmark for traditional enterprises to combat Internet companies, I am reluctant to carry this banner. Overall, first, I do not want to carry any flag, second, these propositions are false proposition.

on the Internet online and offline, in the past few years, there are many discussions, such as: why the Internet industry in the real estate sector does not seem so big impact?

because of the Internet to change the industry there are three rules, one is high frequency or low frequency; two is standardized or non standardized; the next is the integration of the line is loose or concentrated. The first is the low frequency of real estate transactions, find customers very difficult; secondly, the real estate line is non-standard, scattered.

high frequency trading, from the line to the line is relatively easy to do; low frequency, the line is relatively easy to do online, because the experience of the line is very important, this is the service as the core.

so from this logic can be seen on the Internet Intermediary propaganda by eliminating the stores to reduce the commission does not accord with the fact, because the shop in operation cost in accounting for less than 8%, and its value is very large, including external value and internal value.

external, the store constitutes a line under the chain home network, and the formation of a McDonald’s existence, people buy, sell or rent, it is difficult not to ask the chain home.

for the inside, the chain of home stores for brokers to provide a business, training and spiritual construction of the place, is a "office + school + church" aggregation.

of course, this does not mean that we can ignore the power of the internet. Now the majority of enterprises under the line line, there may be two ideas:

first, I think the line is too powerful, the whole of China’s most sexy business is online

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