Search for the laws of nternet product planning from vip com’s wisdom

talking about China’s electricity supplier "demon stock", I think everyone’s first reaction is A sale model can rely on three consecutive quarters of profit, itself is not a microcosm of China’s electricity supplier. Today, China fight capital, the electricity supplier is a channel to fight, fight endurance times, in such a large environment of for the outside world, but to do their own business, do not burn, do not expand, the success of does have its own wisdom.

In fact, the

model of also has certain risk, but now the market environment and the opportunity to create a advantage with this advantage richly endowed by nature, was able to achieve immediate and long-term development of the layout of their own. Now the Internet is an interconnected era, behind the success of a product must have its own wisdom of operating, although the profession is different, but the excellent gene products can be studied, although in the real estate network industry development, but from WeChat, Alipay and other products development and meet more or learn to layout after the first profitable strategic step function flow, the development for his entire career are very helpful. Say again, so,’s special mode for us to take root in the Internet also has what inspiration?

I think that is one act in a diametrically opposite way, this act in a diametrically opposite way does not mean you what others do you have personal independence of conduct, not what to do, and others dedicated to work, this is not the only feature of Mangfu wisdom.’s insistence on success is a sober judgment of the current situation and its own form. At the time of the business industry is hard to burn, not only where customers and Jingdong such giants, there is also a shop, Xintai and other second tier electricity supplier brand, in the eyes of everybody by default only burn to marketing, marketing can only increase the user. But this model led many enterprises lost development opportunities, while, has not done all along enclosure happy things, but also not to engage in self built logistics early, just part of the logistics business commitment to the third party, to concentrate on their own products, quality, because the brand sale mode has its own little. Also have their own shortcomings, lower gross margin is a weakness in, lay a good foundation for early efforts to enhance their own channel advantages, the gross margin rose to 25 percentage points, which in the industry are very rare, and this wisdom is worth learning. In the industry towards a vicious cycle of development, adhere to their brand value and direction unmoved, this is the key. For the real estate network in pervasive enclosure practices, whether you webmaster has deep feeling? Bazhong real estate website long repeatedly encountered this kind of thing, their development direction of flow with the ultimate consequences is to follow the industry and then gradually lost.

second, and partners know how to protect their own interests, have said before the sale is a special operating mode, this mode in principle, do not rely on a brand, but a brand to protect their brand value will frequently sell low-priced products, so this requires only >

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