Share the seven elements of fashion design overseas electricity supplier website

has always wanted to write a case about the electricity supplier website design, seeking material from the domestic electricity supplier website, has not wanted, not some design elements have been collected by the foreign electricity supplier website, I personally think that the design elements follow fashion, of course, this article is not only "foreign common electricity supplier of gold home design the mode of" an article on foreign electricity supplier website design article.

The design of

is not the author is not optimistic about the domestic electricity supplier website, only foreign electricity supplier website from web design, pardon structure, content layout and color collocation, pictures and other aspects of the use of a great prospective, and fusion between regions is very harmonious, I think it is very worthy of reference for domestic electricity supplier design.

1, bold and simple blank space

page blank can give visitors and readers to leave enough room for imagination, so that the entire page has enough space to breathe, but if the blank setting is not appropriate, will lead to lack of the content of the page, so each page between the graphic distance is very well controlled in the design of blank.


, as shown from the user’s point of view, these blank spaces allow users to have visual buffering, not too oppressive, or overly visual observation, and intentionally enough to think and think about. From the optimization point of view, to guide users, to create a smooth visual experience, to enhance the user’s liking for the page, enhance user experience.

A problem of

in the domestic electricity supplier in the design, designers hate all products are displayed in a page, so that the entire page is extremely "plump" realm, not knowing that the design will allow users to feel particularly depressed, even unable to clearly know the content of the page. Some websites are aware of the importance of blank space, but they are often not very bold and very cautious, so that the blank space is not natural.

2, clever and appropriate colors,

different colors represent different emotions, such as purple represents noble, pink romance and so on, in the electricity supplier site, different products can choose different reference auxiliary color modification and its purpose is to render and guide,


This is just

can learn from these color collocation in the product use for auxiliary color, background color, and domestic websites, most of the options is white, that in the electricity supplier website with more is to let the user compare products have the desire to buy, a white background, contrast and readability are strong, and the people a neat feeling, clear text and visual material. Without too many retouching and rendering, without too many rich colors, users can browse the website freely.


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