Novice webmaster do station the first week of speech

              I am a very ordinary university graduates now work more than a year, the nature of the work more leisurely sitting in the office, can surf the Internet every day, a little bit of time in the past, I feel so alive is simply a waste of time, waste of life, really afraid to the old time, with his birth as a piece of paper! So, my heart had an entrepreneurial idea, early communication with parents and leaders of the unit, to quit work now, I decided to start the road of entrepreneurship, of course, family and unit leaders are very much against me to do so, after a few days of ideological struggle, because the family objected to, my business the road of dreams was shelved. But I do not give up, and then began to find a part-time venture online project, looking for a lot of projects, such as direct marketing, joining, e-commerce, and so on. It took more than half a year, in the first half of this year every day in addition to the Internet business contacts in the unit, back home in the evening also work late, but the opportunity is for those who have prepared for the network because of my lack of experience, is the so-called Wangzhuan cheat lose everything, not that far away, just take 08 years 1982 space is relatively popular online, cheated a lot of people, and I am one of the victims!

              since then, I have told myself that my dream will not be shattered, I must insist, and I firmly believe in the network of this market, I have a small world. After these things, I still continue to focus on the network to make money in the market, but I really have no sense of direction, may God have mercy on me, once I read the forum when, suddenly saw a website advertising pictures, I never believe that some think of advertising, advertising on the Internet it is a virus, never pay attention to never clicked on, but on that day I clicked on, oh, may God guide me. "It". The original of this advertisement is aggregator advertising, point into the future to know the site is selling the station program, because I do not have what the concept of website, almost do not know what, then I find the aggregation site customer service QQ, talk to her again, the content is almost about novice website idiot problem, chatted for a while customer service will give me a website address to say "you still go to the site inside the article read," what is this website? Oh is graph king effort Admin5 Webmaster Station, then I came to the site, due to the aggregation of some customer service chat, know something about some small knowledge stations, such as visits to IP and web browsing PV site, but also improve their website progress at the same time, Free is the truth, and free to earn popularity, from the moment I particularly admire Ma suddenly this network influential man!


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