Talk about little experience in English speaking station

the first big weakness for Chinese people in English is definitely language.

if you haven’t lived abroad for more than one year, the English you write, no matter how comfortable you feel, must be uncomfortable in the eyes of foreigners. Unless you only record life trivia. But the amount of information almost zero life trivial, European and American entertainment is not so poor, who cares about you eat a few bowls of rice a few days, so, if you want to rely on original articles to retain English readers, it is very difficult. The content of the article is very unique, in order to have good performance in the search engine. But I am keenly aware of some sing the same old song. What I did was the technical station.

in an article, I mentioned a solution to a problem. This method is only suitable for very small part, used in two words or three is solved, but I in this article recalling the past, look to the future, the whole of a big article hullabaloohullabaloo. The result is in the main page of the keyword.

in another article, I spent a few hours, the original manual translation of technical articles a domestic Daniel, is the result of this article is GOOGLE included, but no single target keyword search in


came to the conclusion: the first part is the small amount of information, but the contents (i.e. [b] words [/b]) enough is unique, so the performance is good, there are 20 IP through the target keywords reaches this article every day. The second article, the amount of information is large, but the article’s [b] word combination [/b] is too close to others, there are a lot of technical terms and steps. Others use these terms in writing such an article. So the combination of words is very similar. So, sometimes it’s hard to please.

can come out here: you can imitate the others, to extract useful information, then you can add a lot of irrelevant words, rely on the rubbish, make your article the word combination is very unique, so as to improve the ranking objective.

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