What you need to do is not just technology but stamina

is a novice, you do not laugh at. I’ve been with A5 for a while and the contents are very interesting and interesting to me. I am a network management, of course not enterprise network management, just a small Internet cafe network management. The impulse to write a small piece is because of a person. He used to be my colleague. We are in the same Internet cafe. He is an accountant. At that time he didn’t know the website, so he started a forum.

had a network manager with him, but only later did he stick it out. Two days ago to chat with him, only know that he has a monthly income of more than 20000. I am a little surprised, read his station, Baidu included more than 20 thousand pages, but from my point of view, his station is very unattractive, ha ha. Hang a lot of AD, there are a lot of links at the bottom. He said that at this station, the monthly income of more than 10000 yuan. Speaking of this, I have to re-examine myself. How many owners give up halfway, how many small individual owners insist on down? I’m not qualitative, always feel oneself are very smart, always think that others play their own things don’t want to play, actually a little consideration of their own shortcomings will be exposed. Compared with him, I lacked a very important point: perseverance.

did nothing for a long time.

at first, I made a stop, too. There was no need to say a name. Home is a business station, the content is to undertake Internet cafes maintenance. Then there is a blog, which is to maintain the experience of Internet cafes and related software. I also applied for GGADSENSE in my blog. More than six months down, not how to update, and then Baidu included more than 300 pages. I didn’t know what PR was at that time. At this failed dumpster, until the domain expired, GGAD’s revenue was only $more than 50. Too failed.

I’m going back over my head to study his stop. He said, mainly by selling links to make money, and now also to A5 intermediary to sell links. Very profitable, and then recommend me to do it together. But it’s just a talk. Money, everyone wants to make money. But you can’t rely on others to pave your way. Even so, money does not necessarily go to its own pocket.

funny, he and I are fellow townsman, our hometown is a small city, his station is portal form. Inside what property, recruitment, classification information is very complete. The content of the site doesn’t make sense, but Baidu likes it because there is nothing yet available for the small city.

A5 there are several big brother to write a small piece that do not do the station targeted. Therefore, I have done a little planning again, planning to open another station, this station is aimed at the Internet bar industry. After investigation, almost all the Internet cafe industry is dominated by forums, and the forum is mainly based on technical exchanges. Such as Internet cafes, Internet cafes, Internet cafes decoration supply and demand planning, Internet sale transfer are to open a small area, so there is a demand of the Internet cafe owners and suppliers more trouble. For example: Internet cafes, for example

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