My website changes the server before and after thinking

some time ago, I felt the site was very slow, and sometimes even 20 hours can not perform dynamic procedures, resulting in I can not update the content of the site, the heart that urgent to say it out. Ask the space provider, and the answer to that is that there is a website in the server that takes up a lot of CPU resources,


so I decided to change the space. After looking for a more reliable space provider, I passed the program up. But the domain name has not been resolved to the new IP, because I checked in advance a lot of online users of the article, have said that after the server changed, may cause Baidu not included. I wait for the program to upload good, debugging success, and then do domain name resolution. When the domain name becomes effective, then cancel the domain name on the original server. Site is not easy to debug, and the second day I check Baidu included, everything is normal,


because I add at least 50 articles every day, Baidu is basically 2 hours later included. This is fortunate!!! But on the second day, I check the collection again, obviously reduced by half, a few days I thought it would recover, but Baidu every day in the hair, finally the day before yesterday (probably for 15 days or so, the server) separated by only a genius as a quick update page I think, my website certainly disaster ah. I can’t wait to pack the program right away and try to get back to the original space. It took me all night to add a day to yesterday, and finally passed the program to the previous space last night. This morning, I check the Baidu collection again, obediently! Baidu included me 13, and I updated the article the day before yesterday. By the time I send this article, Baidu has included 55 articles in one day, including articles added to the original in May 10th.

after this experience, I don’t think I’ll change the website anymore. Baidu search engine server records of the previous server IP, after the change, the spider has not so fast to the new server IP, so slowly in the engine server to delete previously collected pages.

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