The effective way of website promotion SNS

many people think website promotion is the purpose of advertising, the use of SNS in fact, popularity and interactive SNS site is very strong, if blindly send advertising on the site is not what effect, now SNS are managed strictly, your advertisement more quickly, the account will be deleted, and your friends will leave you. Suggest using SNS website to build network resources, and consolidate a group of loyal users.

is the key to maintain frequent appearance, increase the exposure rate, let SNS website everywhere you figure, not only the love, the station will be in love with you, but without an account, real name is enough, people remember you, with your product information, in the left part of the mood this information also remember your products.

to expose themselves, you can through the following ways:

1. use the comment function, see the friend’s post, log, or a mood message, don’t cherish ink, give him a comment, leave a footprint, I believe the other party will be grateful to you.

2. often move a friend, this move a friend, that is to say hello function, you move him, his short message will prompt, so let each other remember you are very useful. If you understand the development process can write a plug-in out, you can automatically list with friends list friends say hello, then the effect is cool to the extreme.

3. by the group, plus some people group, and then publish some content and group related topics every day, many specialists group member posts, remain active in the group, natural and more people pay attention to you.

4., add or share features, turn more popular or online interested posts, or share some interesting information.

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