The role of consulting in hospital network operation

What is the

hospital network operation purpose? The first is certainly the consultation, through the communication with customers, consultants has two purposes, one is to guide the hospital, another is to get the customer’s real phone for later tracking, the general user access to the hospital website if you want advice through the following three ways:

1: network consulting, this is the most common, so the general hospital is the initiative to invite the business through the website, here I suggest the initiative to invite the time you should wait for a period of time, allowing users to find out about the page information and then play out, this time is just perfect;

2: telephone counseling, some users are not good at typing, or too troublesome to call directly consulting;

3: Message consultation, some people just want to know about it, and then chose a message consulting

from the above three approaches to consult member in the entire network operation should be regarded as a finishing work, a job but also influence the results, the network promotion needs SEO, web editor, program, art, with the hospital network marketing network planner and network marketing specialist, with admissions consulting this requires network consulting and telephone counseling.

if the network consulting work is not in place, that all these people’s efforts on all in vain, which is why some hospital daily business consulting quantity many, to the hospital and the final performance of the network is not much, this is because the consultants’ work is not good, not only can grasp the customer, on the network the customer guide to school is the successful operation of the network.

here for the entire network performance improvement, which requires consultants (telephone consulting, network consulting) has the following four requirements:

1: the work attitude is positive and correct, the work is serious and responsible, cherish each visiting customer, and can reply the customer consultation information promptly;

2: has a strong medical professional knowledge;

3: with marketing concept, can adapt to communicate with customers;

4: executive force is strong, can cooperate with the network department and on-site consultation (outpatient doctor) work, such as the replacement of patient consultation, on-site consultation (out-patient doctor), so as to avoid information omissions, resulting in customer loss;

As long as the above four points are met, the efforts of the personnel of the network department can be transformed into the final value of


now from the entire health care industry view ability consulting is hard to find, because the regular medical school does not have the marketing knowledge, the school is not open this course, only have private medical marketing, and in the work of the exercise takes a long time, so as the management of hospital should carry out regular training for the consultation, their problems and typical case analysis customer discussed, so as to progress, talents can be cultivated.

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