The importance of external connections on your web site

this age is a time of high information and fierce competition. A good website needs to be promoted and promoted to be recognized and defeated by competitors. As a good product to the market have to do the advertising, the site is the site of the external connection of advertising, how much investment directly determines the success or failure of the website, "wine is not afraid of deep alley" era has gone for ever. You have to start the job on the first day of your website. There are many ways to do web sites, and the following will be introduced one by one:

1, reciprocity connection: that is, to contact your site and other sites related to the webmaster, ask them to make friendship connection with your station. This is a money saving, labor-saving and time-saving method, but you need your language to be friendly and sincere, otherwise it will be difficult to succeed.

2, the high quality of the article is soft: write high quality articles is the ability of each stationmaster must have, the contents of the article to be able to attract the attention of readers, and then be published to advise and strong correlation between heavy high website or forum to. Write text to your website domain name is added, of course, not deliberately stiff, is inadvertently added, this can bring certain flow, but also can bring the extract before and after external connection. If the quality of the soft text is high, the propaganda effect is very obvious.

if you are lacking in affinity and do not have the ability to start writing, then this one will suit you very well.

3, buy outside company: now many websites are sold outside, you can choose according to their actual situation, such as economic ability to buy an outside company. There are many criteria for how to choose a good company:

first: the PR value of the high and low: the site was GOOGLE identified the PR value is a comprehensive analysis of a site of an important sign, the PR value in more than 4, you can think of its network effect is more ideal.

second: how many pages included: external was collected through the GOOGLE network website pages and web site connections, also can carry out the assessment of the site, the number of The more, the better.

third: ranking of the level: through the search site in its keyword ranking, but also the evaluation criteria for the site. The higher the rankings, the better the site,

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