Some offline promotional experience sharing of classified information websites

recently made a local classification information network, 0798114 Jingdezhen information, procedures and basic data are completed, the main line is to do promotion. The promotion method is mainly to put up small posters, during which some experiences, I think it is worth sharing with you. Site construction is completed, immediately made a batch of A4 small size posters, poster is the main content of the website domain name + name + phone + on some common service station column.

1, a group of people were divided into several groups, and spent 4 days, posted more than 3000 small posters out. Mainly residential, bus stop sign and so on. But the effect is not obvious. Then go to the streets to check the posters posted, the original poster was mostly removed. The reason is that every city has a city appearance Bureau, which is responsible for rooting out these small advertisements, so the things that are posted will soon be eradicated. But also see, generally posted higher, easier to retain; in non trunk streets or cells easier to retain.

2, so in organizing the second poster activities, mainly posted on residential and non trunk streets, posted slightly higher position.

and then send someone to check. It was found that at least 1 and a half had been removed. Finally see light suddenly remind friends, the original, recently for a period of time during the city Chuangwei City, catch very strict. Bad luck is bad here. But work still has to be done. We can only find ways to keep the posters a little longer.

3, after analysis found that generally Saturday morning or Friday evening paste, better. Because the weekend time, the government does not work, the special eradication of small advertising is also a lot of tiger, advertising posters easy to save a long time. In addition to the main street will have a newspaper column, the previous approach is directly attached to the press bar, it is easy to be removed; after the study found that the direct advertising into the newspaper columns will be better; because the newspaper column is glass and locked into, as long as the change in the newspaper to the general people can be placed for a long time. And the morning newspaper columns 9, generally around 10, plug after he change, will generally remain 9 to second days, 10 points, although it is a day but because it is the main street, the effect is very good; and some newspaper column is 2, 3 days a change.

then proceed with the conversion method and post posters. After this adjustment, the effect is still ok.

4, paste the process, found that the general relatively large production of exquisite posters are less torn, eradicate, and generally A4 posted advertising, eradicate more. So we immediately rushed out 500 pieces of the sea for the city newspaper, the contents of blood bank ischemia, blood donation need social public service ads, online registration site is left to our web site, and the poster below also left a sentence "love a do not tear not to destroy". This big poster basically lasted a long time, but also for the site to win a lot of traffic.

summary, in fact, under the line promotion, focusing on continuous implementation, and constantly sum up, continue to adjust, and then continue to implement. This will pay off in the end. Never mind the knot

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