Webmaster don’t let Baidu snapshot toss about

network owners inevitably see many owners complain about Baidu, K today, tomorrow the feathers, three months is not included, but if you do not dump, do not worry about these, such as search " QQ", you can’t row to the first page, if you search for " QQ expression, then you download the " the opportunity is great, but there are Baidu depilates even risk K station because these sites are mostly dominated by gathering, industry sites are rarely plucking or by K, at least I know some enterprise stand ranking this year did not change and more stable.

I often search for some popular keywords " website construction; " ", " web design; " " other words, in the first half of this year it is very lively, page snapshot of constantly changing, such as " " " construction site; colorful space " has ranked first; nearly two years ago, but now the five page to see, GOOGLE is still the first to explain stationmaster SEO level is really high, then the first row, have now is to disappear without a trace, but the first snapshot of what? In front of PPC advertising has been the first full page. Your high also is a " " the first second pages, to bring you the fundamental; not to how much traffic, why do you care about the flow of Baidu to you? Do you like to some big forum published an article written the magnificent, innovative content, plus your website Link your day traffic will be more than the first second pages. I recently focused on these two stations, although Baidu drop right, but ALEXA ranking and PR without much change, even up, explain what? Owners did not give up, still wholeheartedly do station. Baidu ignored the cold, such as " China creative Online " before August, Baidu search " " design; fifth, now search for " " design; row to page third to third pages a day, not to the site with more than 50 Lai flow, August is Baidu drop right after PR from from 5 to 6, ALEXA was ranked 78000, currently 41800, instead of tens of thousands, looking at these sites, they are content first, very practical, is a leader in the industry, Baidu down the right

and why?

said that many of our webmaster after getting up every day are used, open the computer, and then find the stationmaster net or other webmaster tools to view the ALEXA, PR, GOOGLE and Baidu included many pages, if today more than yesterday included the 10 pages, that today’s mood will be very good. Hey: this webmaster do too tired.

many webmaster in the right to drop, will soon have the following measures, find friendship links which have been K, see page is >

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