More than 1 months of Wangzhuan

                            February 18th years of school, the day before on the train, on the Internet, in the Chen Zhou Railway Station on the right side of the bar, very boring. I saw a man in a   message a group of Amway; the day to earn 200, I think that good? Then   with a curious heart and he talked up

                      to know that this is a big Internet market, Fujian,   see the station, said that good. Do not make strange  ,,, when excited, and a prize the same, want to laugh at the train & nbsp;

                    to Changsha remitted 198 in the past, and then opened their own station,               especially happy;, thought to get a guarantee of   & nbsp;;   200 ,   earn;     this life is made. Now think about all the funny     ah, ah,       that there is such a good thing  ? Also round me?              


                      usually after class to look at Internet cafes, hair post     200 of the project  , a blog, you earn;  ,  , and others;       chat;        , good market;                 looking for someone to do, pull, pull off the assembly line             do so;   &nbs>

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