Stand on the shoulders of giants to promote your little web site

had a great man said, standing on the shoulders of giants, I will see the whole world, how to use this sentence on the Internet, will be more, standing on the shoulders of giants, I will be red on the internet. So, the Internet giant is that? The people here is very giant industry of Kochi, in the search engine ranking companies. Such as Tencent, NetEase, perfect times, happy, happy manor and so on. Because the company or website is searched very much on the network above. Become the red word of the internet. We opened a Baidu billboard, we look at the popular search column, the first ten happy net 680886, 180213, 247362, 4399174318 in QQ, 224218, Serbia, Taobao 172082, Moore Park 211104, Youku 171918, 182197, 170570 dnf National Day parade. Reflects our Internet users are most concerned about the topic every day. Including happy network, campus network, QQ, 4399 games, Taobao and so on. These are the early investment in this company, a lot of manpower, material and financial resources accumulated. That, how do we use them to stand on their shoulders, and they share so many come from search engine traffic every day?

for example, if you’re a SNS site, you can add key words like "happy network" and "happy game" to your key. If you are doing Flash game station, you can add " 4399 " game; if you do, the video sharing site, you can add " Youku Video; " and so on, there are many examples, not to enumerate. What are the benefits of doing these keywords? Specifically, it will bring enough traffic to your heart. As long as your SEO is good enough, as long as you can put these keywords do search engine on the first page of words, your site traffic will be very considerable, your income will grow exponentially, before I have a friend, there is a SNS website, has been doing online and offline promotion the number of resource exchange, but has been tepid, even in the last year keep going by painstaking effort, time, ready to sell. Later, happy net fire, became the Internet’s most hot topic, I made a key, happy net on his website back on Baidu has a more forward position, every day, to bring him ten W flow of people, now a month income is at the 10W level. That is to say. He used the happy net, has promoted own website a good promotion.

small websites, small companies, we do not have more energy to promote, to educate the market, we can only use the speed, the use of other people have nurtured a good market to promote our own things. Share a little from this big market, and then we become strong enough.

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