Grassroots Adsense nternet business the biggest enemy is yourself

webmaster site entrepreneurship, and finally often not by opponent website beat, but by his defeat.

The essence of

Adsense venture is free, is it not as boundless as the sea and sky, it need to make too many restrictions and fetters, too many constraints but affects their own play, and even make some unnecessary mistakes.

webmaster site, usually will go to learn other people’s experience. That’s understandable. Especially in the beginning, we should first look at other people’s Web site, how to do, do something. This is true for people who have just met. But too much reliance on what you learn will affect your own view. The Internet is so big that nothing is unique. Sometimes your opinion may be better than what you think is a successful website.

, after all, influenced by the rules of others, you are virtually bound by some rules and regulations. Although a calm, but it makes you success rate is greatly reduced. Because other people’s methods have been successful, and like you to learn other people’s success, one by one, what can you stand out from it,


it depends on learning from the experience of others. You should join your mind and your ideas. Don’t be afraid of your idea. Others feel childish and laughed at by others. You know, people who are successful on the Internet don’t always agree with the idea at first. They tend not to walk the usual way. Because they used imaginative content to serve the users in need, they succeeded.

idea website, or development website, promotion website is good. Whether you work at that step, you must have your own ideas, according to the needs of users is conceived, to develop, to promote. Turn your mind into reality and become mature. This is also a manifestation of webmaster growth.

Internet doesn’t need too many rules and regulations. Don’t be intimidated by some so-called authoritative experience. Do not for technology, not for the market, not for operations and so on, details and oppositions are bound, and do not because the Department’s problems lead to the formation of a genuine force. All in all, from the management, from the organization, from the product, from the technology, from the market, from the operation to find ways to realize the needs of users, to find a convenient way to find the needs of users, more easily meet the needs of users, rather than more difficult. So, sometimes, beat yourself is not competitors, but the webmaster itself.

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