Grassroots webmaster encounter CC attack should be how to deal with

yesterday wrote an article on the website after the attack was discovered the problem: "the fun" a perfect world is a webmaster CC found after it was added in the headlines. Can you share experience, and see your reply, I feel very happy.

today want to say, ordinary webmaster or grassroots webmaster encounter CC attack, what should I do,.


is just some general method. Please correct.

for the deficiency

first: the purpose of attackers.

1. asking for web apps / Software….

, webmaster, outdated, and many other stations have been attacked because of this…

2. direct extortion, money.

meets this kind of words. Had better direct the police. If has chats the record, certainly saves, now QQ chats can be when the evidence.

3. destroys ranking

Keywords is the best example of the general class of PW and for-profit / competition the most encountered more. Remember that stationmaster net and laggards have a large-scale attack to the entire station program and data. This is like a large station " ", are generally open immediately protection strategy, then alarm, network maintenance by looking for data sources… But honestly. General CC one half of all foreign chickens, it is easy to find, even if did not find what meaning. So. Most of the stations also can endure. He did not attack…. but this is large, up to a few days stopped. We like these small webmaster / grassroots webmaster. Website is playing a few days, may feel like a few years… Large sites are generally independent of the server. The room is generally equipped with hardware firewall. If found room will attack Quickly find and select the suitable protection strategy… According to the mode of attack here involved in front of me, the hard, open the CC/DDOS strategy later, will add a verification code in the domain name back. To verify the visitors is normal or malicious IP… If you are under attack time open the strategy, then likely will be a snapshot. The following address be crawling is the best example: if this page page bottom or URL exception. That the attacker was achieved when a half… So what method can you attack CC try to ensure their rankings, and to ensure that the engine spiders can grab


, below, I say a method can solve this problem in general (not absolute): add your web site’s main search engine spider, IP, to the " filter CC/DDOS policy; whitelist ">

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