Buy a server to do opera website you say ‘m stupid

has changed many IDC in these 1 years, the space is not this problem, that is the problem. Therefore, my opera website – Chinese opera network ( of course also often out of question, in addition to the slow access, FTP slow, more is brought about physical and mental fatigue.

webmaster finally in this cold winter, I want to choose a high consumption, although it is now the financial crisis, we pocket is very tight, but I think this fight, want to buy a server for my opera website. But after all, my opera website is not a profit site, although hung GG advertising, there is no income, the site is also unpopular, traffic is not much, advertising costs will not be more natural.

but you, you think I hire server silly? Many people answer me, very silly, very silly! You get a flat-share an opera website space is not enough, isn’t it? Why hire server? So I am also very painful choices at the crossroads, flat-share indeed it is cheap, but it is not stable, but can’t download resources, and my Chinese opera has many opera audio and video, need space support, I also want to use the original webmaster network flat-share, but I tell stationmaster net sales, I have a lot of drama audio and video sales, tell me it may not, flat-share space can not put a lot of resources to download. Recommend me to rent the server.

server rental, is really a temptation ah, but the price is really high ah, in fact, whether it is to buy a server hosting or rental server, the price is high, and this webmaster know.

maybe I will now make a choice, buy Gato tube make web server. First years at least 6-7 thousand, and still the most offset. The second time hosting fees in 4000 yuan at least. The cost is undoubtedly heavy, and my income is really meager.

so I made a temporary choice, bought 1 thousand yuan VPS for half a year, and my endurance is also to the limit.

, but it’s expired. What should I do,


buy server, do opera website,

, but you said I was stupid,


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