Content determines value value determines revenue and my website values

in the twinkling of an eye, the last published soft text have been more than a month, and today’s weekend, spare time, talk about my understanding of the value of the site. In fact, we all understand that the real profit lies in the web site has its own value, but few people adhere to in order to enhance the value of the pursuit of the goal, but the thought, through good SEO means or with some rogue software can get rich income, and never one day, in order to find some speculative means for the export of Tianjin, appeared in various forums or group, has to master itself, but in fact as long will self destruct the poison, it is a great pity to. One more statement, I hope to give my colleagues some help.


1. site value commentary

2. how to tap the potential value of the site

3. how to effectively improve the value of the site


1. The value of the website

personally think that the value of the site is that it actually represents whether the products for the development of the society brings the positive effect, of course this is a broad statement, too one-sided but in fact we do no ground for blame, a station considered this point, this website profit point in where, how to give it bring their own income to help, but I guarantee that few people can go to spend the same amount of energy to think about the value of my site really: where is


is actually a deeper level, the value of the site is the webmaster of values, it is hard to imagine a person without clear values can create more benefits in the website operation, even if he could obtain high income by first-class technology, but if the site of the survival and development ability can continue to ensure the value of the site, what about


so we can very seriously, the real value of the site is as the product of network marketing carrier website is the true embodiment of the webmaster higher values and outlook on life and the aesthetic values, we have very clear their products, very clear their own values, we have to say, I am a webmaster, I have the confidence to succeed, otherwise we ultimately won’t change on the technology and management of flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum rest on its laurels.

two. How to tap the potential value of the site

has just given a brief account of the value of the site. Now let’s talk about what we are focusing on. How do we explore the potential value of the site?

a simple example, I have a simple music website (today music) now I put here, Q: its potential value? We generally think of GG or the Ali Mama, Baidu union advertising alliance, in fact it does not have any value, if we just as a publicity website some of the advertising board, it is a matter of how sad, but after careful consideration.

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