CMS those days have kept me awake all night

first met CMS (content management system) was in 2002, when I was by some HTML, frame, labels and other things got confused and dizzy, and eventually play out their desired effect. Look at other people’s, that is really called standing, and their own out of the things, just a few static pages combination, I began to deny all of their technology.

then the line had a friend recommended a ZhengZhan download to me, that is ASP, with the source code, can not only make my site effect, and the function is more perfect, more convenient to use, not every article with FTP upload.

from now on, I feel there is a real Web site, then login source of official and their customer service to solve various problems, gradually understand, this is a space agency team developed a literary website, suitable for published literature and art, the kernel is the website management PowerEasy system company open source (CMS), they produced several templates, hardly what effort, and the program is bound to make a whole website. They provide the source code for this site to download, thus guiding a large number of users to use their host services.

I really feel that this should be a revolution to the station, for the Chinese graduate level computer only in several Microsoft office software level me, so is knocking on the door of the pie. If you want to achieve these website function, what to learn from scratch, is to learn good, do not know what time, not to mention the open source system has many excellent development team participation, system performance must be very good, you can also upgrade, is a beautiful ah.

was on the network you want to do, in fact, is a literature site, can send the article, it is best to have a forum, a blog, attract people to register, after every day, stick to your website on top, pure and simple idea. With some early knowledge of HTML, I spent more than half a month making templates for home pages, columns, and content pages. Although compared to the template in the source of rough points, but feel finally from other people’s website out of the birth, you can confidently tell friends and colleagues around.

The next

is desperately add article, did not know like SEO, the site became a hodgepodge. At the time of the search engine seems to have with my level matched, I added something almost zhaodanquanshou, there are several hundred articles every day to my flow.

at that time the forum is booming on the Internet, blog just emerging soon, as long as the website, will pass these two programs to go up in order to enhance popularity. In this way, my website has a mobile easy CMS, a forum program, a multi-user blog program, in fact, is the three station. I thought, "why is it so troublesome?"

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