mprove website ranking practical 13 trick

webmaster friends are most concerned about is website rankings, indeed, ranking is too important for the site. These years summed up the experience, is a sound does not mean anything, that is, the site ranking, there is no immediate skills, deliberate SEO optimization, the effect is often not very good. Although we can not stand the bar to see, but some must pay attention to the things that must be done, the following to say a few points, the ranking is absolutely valid, during the Spring Festival, the site re planning, proved effective. Summed up the need to pay attention to a few points written out, I hope the webmaster friend less detours.

1. keyword accumulation

All anchor text in the

2. site is the same,

3. CSS station or the background color of hidden content, this is the most heinous evil

4. uses JavaScript jump

5. pages under the same IP directly carry out a large number of exchange links

6. bridge and Cloaking, induced by the search engine crawlers, this is a heinous evil

7. adult content, illicit drugs, gambling related content

8. repeat

9. links to cheating websites

Most of the pages in

10. have the same web page, title

11. is added to the Link Farm or Link

exchange websites

12. uses the domain name

that has been penalizedThe

13. site is based on the penalized IP,

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