How to improve the return rate of enterprise website and personal blog

personal blog not what limitations, can retain a part of the user with a message and comment, no matter is to retain the advertising or explore the sincere exchanges, in general are able to retain a portion of the user; but the enterprise website to seize the user back a bit more difficult, after all the limitations of enterprise website too strong, consumers basically divided into two types: one is to solve the problem of the product, the other is a demand for the product, either, can decide after transaction or in the query, it is difficult to come back to the second, so we usually to the two types of website how to retain user? Here on this blog nnoitora network users return to discuss problems.


User revisit behavior of

personal blog

1, where you can enter text exchanges,

any place where typing can produce text exchanges, such as blogs, forums, messages, QQ spaces, and micro-blog…… As long as someone said it said, nobody said it was up to say, not what cannot read what others say, as long as you keep up with that, love to say what, say how much is how much love to say, love to say how long how long, how to say how to say.

users can leave a message, we can also go to this type of website message, so we are back, not to mention other users, so the absolute personal blog has congenital advantage, messages and comments is a wonderful thing, so you can communicate, can also produce fragments of text information.

2, blog content solution

personal blog can be a solution to a problem, can also be encountered in the actual problem solving platform, it could be several an industry or a class of problems platform, so users often encounter such problems will give priority to find this kind of blog access and exchange.

3, the interactive behavior of blogs

such as blog sofa messages, view the impact reviews, comments and so on point type, interactive behavior belong to the blog, will have access to user interaction and visit, and it can also generate more content and browsing behavior.

4, blog forum exchange,

in the personal blog below mount a small forum, like nnoitora forum, not only in the comments, the message exchange, can also go directly to the forum, which can more collision point of view the forum, at the same time for other needs, the question, the communication between all other users can interact more to preserve the problems and experience of the information for later users of the forum to provide information source of reference, this is a good choice to let users visit.

User visiting behavior of

enterprise website

1, industry >

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