Can GG ads and first video ads hang on one page

always wanted to do the webmaster income more, want to put up some advertising alliance earn some money, hang GG advertising, can be linked to the first video advertising? How to hang? Will there be any conflict? Please listen carefully to the station.

now the first video advertising alliance, the alliance to bring the gospel benefits not only to the webmaster, blogger to bring surprises. As long as the flow is waiting for the money, do not have to click through rate and busy, all do your blog or website, increase the flow rate, you can easily make money. According to the current domestic display billing advertising is not much, but allow the blog is less and less to join. At present, many owners have hung up the first video ads, I also do secretarial chowder network, also received money, this alliance is reputable. The problem is that in May this year, I apply to GG advertising, I like other webmaster, also caught in a dilemma. Use Baidu Search, but it is difficult to know. The study concluded and with GG advertising agreement, after all GG is large, but the first video of my income and hard, what to do? ", decided to get a chance, I put each page into the first video advertising GG code, I use 460 multiplied by 80 and mixed text, and skyscrapers a 160 multiplied by 60. The first video I was on the left side of the top of each article, because the GG advertisement’s sake, I put the first video on the page, the main is to avoid conflict, and this is a GG advertising, GG protocol. . put up more than a month, there has been no conflict, I this station first video revenue a day about ten dollars, GG advertising a day about ten dollars, therefore, have doubts about the webmaster can safely do with the first video alliance, earn some money, GG is not ashamed we won’t, and a small first video and what not to place. Of course, the first video is good, there is a disadvantage, that is a little drag speed, but this is not a small problem what, after all, money is the last word.

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