Eight Tips to speed up your website profitability

one, do not publish duplicate information: do not think that the release of more information, others see the probability will increase. When a customer enters your website and sees a lot of duplicated information, it can only bring the reverse effect, which will cause a distrust of customers and feel that you are sending information at random.

two, the title should be simple and clear: in a word, you can understand your products and business opportunities, do not write too long, because customers will click carefully to see, detailed description. Too trivial or too simple title will result in search in the bad effect.

three, detailed description to be as detailed as possible: detailed description is tantamount to your product propaganda words, it is easy to attract people to see, but the description of writing is very poor, will let customers lose interest. After all, customers who want to trade need the most detailed description of the product.

four, the use of high quality pictures: high quality images is very important for the products and business opportunities, after all customers in the online can not see the kind, if there is no picture or pictures a little fuzzy, the first impression on the poor. If a product is advertising like quality pictures, giving the appeal greatly increased.

five, timely updates: timely updating of your products and business opportunities is also very important, if a customer called you to know that your site’s product has not been produced, what will he feel?.

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six, keywords: Keywords fill products and business is very important to search your product should contain the name of professional title and broader levels of key words, even the category name, this will increase the chance to search.

seven, the choice of categories: the choice of the most suitable category can obviously increase the chances of trading, for example, customers will not be interested in buying toys in the chemical category.

, eight of products to create series: if the number of your products, products will be classified into different products in the series will make your site more tidy, time for customers to watch more clearly more organized.

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