Keywords ranking down how to do

I have 3 years of experience in operating the site, the following to tell you about keyword ranking down, how to do, do not like, do not spray oh.

1, the site itself,

we need to first observe the overall site, find the cause, not just to change anything to do with Baidu algorithm often halt the troops and wait, change, ranking is sometimes relatively large fluctuations, and will not because of the internal data of Baidu, which is caused by the change of the site keywords ranking is relatively large, so when the key words of our website the loss, we should be calm, careful analysis of our operations, if can be sure of your site without any illegal operation, and all the other is very normal, so we should choose to wait, still as in the past the normal daily updates, the chain also should adhere to, perhaps waiting for a short time can be recovered the fact proves, website keywords many friends off, about a week to recover To the original position, so we should calm down, do not just modify your website.

2, server reasons,

we want to ensure the normal operation of the web server, if the server often can not open, but also a great impact on the website ranking, the slow speed will be affected, the search engines crawl will also have certain problems, site long time not open, it will certainly lead to impact on the site keywords ranking the solution is, as soon as possible to solve the server problem, long-term do stand words suggest that you choose a good server, monthly payment of around 400.

3, adhere to the chain building,

if we ignore this foreign chain can also lead to the degeneration of the web site keywords ranking, construction, many webmaster only do website content, often ignore the construction of external links, when a web site keywords ranking up, relax the content, so that the ranking back, still make up R to implement from the two aspects of the the main content and the chain YI is a key index of search engine website keywords ranking, website links to hold to the HENG to implement.

4, links check,


content also requires careful management, I found a lot of sites to exchange a lot of links, but because of long time ignored, resulting in a lot of links from their own, do not know, which lead to site is down right, because Links involved, there are also many many sites lead to right down the case, so I feel every the website links to do regular checks, do every morning to open the computer, first to check Links, so as to effectively protect their own website.

above ideas are some of their own experience, to share with you, I hope we will take less detours.

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