Forgotten interests where is the operational value of small programs

Why does

develop applets? How to evaluate user value?


in the open class of 12.28, Zhang Xiaolong shared key form and many rules of a small program, a few points such as the entrance, for example, the function of the scene to support the case that, let the small program have a more concrete description is made of small program specification guidelines.

explains a lot about the blank areas of demand when it comes to the birth of small programs. Zhang Xiaolong. Public view of the proposed rules, the small program position is WeChat ecology and user needs, WeChat does not want this, the user demand is this, this is not WeChat’s expected user relations, and so on.


and the role that was not mentioned, developers and companies may not agree. To be sure, the demand and scenario called "blank" is a prerequisite, but more realistically, small programs are more about business value, cost, and competition.

Why does

develop applets?

for now, no one will dare say all betting on the small program, what other products form does not consider, or not do planning, a small program on behalf of the future.

then there are two types of development requirements:

first, on the basis of existing products, through small procedures to develop new operational positions;

second, small programs as the first product trial, relatively low cost of development and trial and error.

specifically tell me about the first case. For example, we do a iOS client, why do the Android client? Because many users use the Android phone, you need to develop a Android client to cover this type of user, and at the same time, the use of iOS client user does not have an impact.


in the same way, consider a small program, must first be suitable for small program does not cover the promotion of the scene in your product, do not have a direct conflict with the existing channels, rather than the existing users diversion, this is the problem of have the order reversed. Unless one day, the small program’s realizable value is more than the client.

then, the analysis of uncovered extension scenarios is one of the key factors in decision making and will be highlighted in the next section’s promotional value.

clearly, not all products can be separated from new promotional scenarios, or even if there is a promotional scene, small programs are not necessarily the best expression. For example, in the waiting room of the window advertising may sell a special purchases for the Spring Festival two-dimensional code, micro shop, also convenient.

How does

evaluate user value

that’s a direct question. We know all of them now

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