nsight into the SEO industry to achieve self positioning

is currently engaged in the SEO industry in China, tens of thousands, countless. We can clearly see that someone is doing well, such as seowhy, moonseo and so on, it was successful; but there are a lot of people, all day to do ranking and ranking, do brains, pay a lot, but should not be returned. So, what’s the main purpose of your SEO? Obviously, everybody is making money. We this group of SEO webmaster how to position yourself, and in this industry to achieve their own profits,


first of all, we must understand what the SEO profit model in the end, in general, do SEO can be generally divided into the following two kinds, one is to serve themselves, and the other is to serve customers.

He said that the

service, is a kind of project to do their own money, such as SEO training platform, like seowhy, moonseo and so on, these are based on a powerful technical team based on the threshold requirement for us, is very high; of course there are a lot of platforms like SEO, these we rely on their own inspiration to play. In a word, do these platforms, your technical team should be hard enough, or else do not touch, even if you have a good idea, technology can not keep up, really hurt.

is also a service to customers, and this is what I want to focus on a model. First, we should put the customer classification, what customers need SEO to do service? I do some statistics, mainly divided into the following categories: first, small and medium enterprise customers; second, Taobao third, grey shops; industry; with so many years of development, small and medium enterprise customers is a piece of fat meat SEO network company, they took great pains to run my own company, to win the trust of these enterprises, a variety of charging mode, while the annual income, monthly income for a while, for a while is received by the day and so on; because of the instability of SEO, caused by SEO type network company in the enterprise customer’s image is more and more worse, a variety of moves to win their trust, it is increasingly difficult to walk the road. I can give a example of this, if each customer web is like a person, and every website appeared right down, adult analogy sick, so every time Baidu update, you will have many patients, your business with these patients, how do you go to open up new markets, we imagine, should be very clear this road there will be difficult to walk. Behind the two modes can be said to be relatively close to that in a few years ago is also led to the development of a lot of SEOER, they can be said to be a part of the SEO industry leader, specializing in some popular keywords, bring a lot of traffic to the site, and then sell or rent to the business, from the win profit. This model is free and easy, there is not much additional pressure, ranking on the flow of money, no traffic, there is no money, compared with small and medium enterprises compared to customers, it is much better. >

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