Two dimensional Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship in the era of small ecological

discuss the two dimension of entrepreneurship, but around the two dimension of the group and the era of Internet entrepreneurs discussion. Before reading this article, we might as well consider the following three questions, with the question down, perhaps more convenient to understand what I’m talking about:

1 we are not using a kind of 80 after 90, after the way to see the two dimension of the crowd in the past, this is called the generation gap, now called disrespect in the present, in the name of the 00.

2 in addition to having a cell phone, and now the two dimension of the crowd and we have what is the big difference?

3 when we were teenagers, what are our inner needs? What is the change of the Internet / mobile Internet?

What is the two dimension


The concept of the

two dimension is not far away from the emergence of the two dimensional group. The two dimension is different from the original meaning of the two-dimensional, three-dimensional two-dimensional space. From the early Japanese animation, comics, games, novels and other works are formed in two dimensional image, with the carrier of popular, its related works in the world by their fans called "the two dimensional world".

is currently the two dimension refers to a series of visual products in the field of ACGN, specifically refers to animation, comics, games (GalGame and Japanese card games, including but not limited to this), novels (including but not limited to light novels), virtual idol, tokusatsu, part of the movie, TV and its derivative Doujin and peripheral products etc..

and other industries, the past few years, the two dimension in the field of entrepreneurship also experienced a process from now to the entrepreneurial orientation is becoming more and more perfect No one shows any interest in the.

currently the two dimension of entrepreneurship includes social networking platform and content platform of the top two. Social networking platform is not difficult to understand, as a service on the two dimension in social network; content platform can be subdivided into animation channel aggregation (such as A station B station), the original animation content, graphic audio, video games and other peripheral products, two yuan.


as the intergenerational population was posted on their label to show their understanding of each other, the two dimension groups often describe them and three dimensional world communication and understanding "dimension wall", the three dimensional world do not know what they are talking about what they want. "Dimension wall" also became the two dimension of entrepreneurship "breathtaking leap", jumped, understand the two element of the crowd needs success and failure.

bypass the so-called wall of the dimension, the logic behind the two dimension of entrepreneurship and the user actually did not imagine so complex and strange, after all, entrepreneurship or that venture.

who are they in



The core of the two dimension of

culture is Tucao, is rebellious, is the reality of social discontent. They were labeled "

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