The original copy and release mechanism of collision wash into cancer content of entrepreneurship

Abstract: the original take a day or even a week, "wash draft a hour to think are very sad.


a few days ago, I received a confirmation from the WeChat WeChat team "message: the number of public complaints is the plagiarism confirmation, a reader report my blog" Liu Yan who live Chinese swept into direct business sellers, the next opportunity has no suspense "by another WeChat public account copied, renamed for" two hours to sell 10000 lipstick, "Red Net +" in 2016 the largest venture "I need to confirm the outlet, initiated a complaint.

point to open this article a look, 90% copies of the contents of the article itself, but also interspersed with a little other content (may be its original, may be copied from other). With the insider’s words, this guy wash draft.

see this, I did not hesitate to initiate a complaint to confirm. However, shortly after the WeChat team reply: plagiarism complaints do not pass.

I think this should be the WeChat team uses a similar paper control system technology, after the comparison that the article did not copy my. I once again launched plagiarism, in the grounds of complaint clearly stated that the number of wash draft behavior.

shortly after the WeChat team again reply: plagiarism complaints do not pass. The reason is that the evidence I have submitted does not prove that it constitutes plagiarism".

if it is a manual audit, it is easy to see, this article determines that the draft is no doubt that plagiarism, said a good point is pseudo original". The original WeChat can bypass the protection mechanism, not to be identified, probably is a recidivist, so often "wash draft, WeChat know the rules, then wash the rule oriented release, no scruples: you have nothing to report a bird.

this thing, I had already forgotten, for this kind of words of "rogue", has been flattering, but Tucao, what we can’t do things. Until I see the WeChat public account a large circle of friends V, forwarding the "Internet vision" copy article, let me wash the draft increasingly feel shameful, because even V they can be done to the general reader.

my article, ultimately failed to succeed, but still thank the reader who initiated the report, thank you for the original content of the attention. However, most of them can not see two articles at the same time, see also do not necessarily think of to report, even to report, but also no use, really sad.

with respect to plagiarism, washing is the content of entrepreneurship and release, the new media industry cancer.

if only reproduced original articles, some people will require authorization and signature on this point, I don’t mind the new media era, the content of legs, could not stop, let the content spread out, the content of that product, do you copy distribution channels, you in the article.

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