Talk about the wealth story of five beauty Entrepreneurs beauty and wisdom they work harder than yo

people have said that entrepreneurship is a very difficult road, in this way, many people can not stand the loneliness and loneliness, and ultimately to failure. This article tells the story of the wealth of the five beauty entrepreneurs, they not only have superior beauty, great wisdom, and they are more than you. They also have hidden behind the hardships and failures, and now they have a harvest of love, have entered the marriage has a mother, today we have come to their stories.

1, Zhao Wei – not a woman man, just want to be more independent


17 years ago, the "Princess" featuring Zhao Wei, this "some capricious, and some arrogant little swallow, held in May 20, 2015" global Women Entrepreneurs Conference, calm gracefully in a speech.

in recent years, Zhao Wei’s popularity, fee and purse, constantly rising. "Mulan", "Chibi" and "dear" and the movie box office are billions of dollars. The most compelling is Zhao Wei in 2012, with its play and an excellent guide "to us eventually lost youth", won thirty-second on the popular movie Hundred Flowers Award for best director.

Zhao Wei in the finance and investment, no punches. From 2006 onwards, she has ho throw tens of millions of purchase of Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong, Singapore and many other real estate. In 2011, she bought the French Chateau Monlot winery, its predecessor was the first thirteen owned by Louis. And Zhao Wei as a shareholder of a listed company, listed in the past six months, the company’s share price rose to 185.02 yuan / share, is the highest price of 22.83 yuan / share issue price of 8 times.

2, Li Bingbing – shed the star powder, became the stars


2000 for drama starring "young justice Bao" and the audience was known to Li Bingbing, since 2008, has starred in the Hollywood movie "Kung Fu King", "Snow Flower", "Resident Evil 5" and among the international film. In 2012, Li Bingbing became the first mainland female star in Hongkong’s Madame Tussaud’s.

Since the establishment of

studios, Li Bingbing public brand "L.O.V.E", July 2014, Li Bingbing, together with Quan Ren, Huang Xiaoming composition "Chinese partner", announced the establishment of the StarVC foundation, then identified the first batch of investment projects: the second shot and starry.

August 2014, ice bucket challenge swept the network, leveraging the second shot to introduce a large number of stars to participate in, the customer base in several times, only Li Bingbing’s ice bucket challenge video, reached about 40000000 the amount of play. Effect of communication using the star within a short period of time, the second shot rapid top, shine in the Internet social networking products. With the second shot, the starry leap, but also the use of Li Bingbing.

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