ntelligent hardware three tuyere VR robots smart cars who will be the next Unicorn breed

Abstract: one side is the Internet, while the traditional manufacturing industry, seemingly do not take the two industries in the mobile Internet, has brought together have amazing chemistry, to subvert the industry all-powerful potential. Looking at the moment, whether it is VR, robots or smart cars, perhaps behind the birth of the next unicorn.

although the capital "wind" blowing vigorously, but in the field of intelligent hardware, but there is another view: VR summit one after another debut, robot products one after another release, smart car behind BAT’s busy figure. This faction fiery, naturally, the capital of fuel". In VR, for example, only the first quarter of this year, the amount of global financing of up to $217 million, an increase of nearly 8% compared to the previous quarter. In addition, the robot, intelligent automobile industry investment data is very brisk. Then, under the capital by VR, intelligent robots, cars, who will take the lead gives birth to a unicorn



VR: a pit full of gold

two years ago, when Facebook CEO Zuckerberg bite teeth in the acquisition agreement signed his name, the giants took $2 billion after the completion of the acquisition of Oculus. This scene is a lot of people on the VR industry’s first glimpse. At that time, more people still do not know what VR. But time has just moved on for two years, as we have seen, a whole new world in a flash.

in the first quarter of this year, along with Oculus, Sony, HTC three international VR giants have released a new generation of consumer products, the board of directors who have shouted the first year of VR. Today, in this industry, more than VR products are entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs are more concerned about the field of investors. At the same time, a number of Unicorn Unicorn entrepreneurial companies continue to emerge.

music technology


as the first domestic VR hardware manufacturers, music technology backing is not small, the golden master behind there lei. In December last year, millet and thunder and other companies to spend $30 million stake in the matter has caused a stir in the ring. The founder of the Chen Zhaoyang, in the VR industry steeped for more than and 10 years, from the military first significant to today’s consumer VR headset, to start their own businesses from Intel, he witnessed the development of domestic VR industry. At present, Le phase focused on providing VR equipment for the game, its best known product is Dapeng helmet, which is the next most likely to become "one of the VR hardware explosion".

storm mirror



has long been reduced to two or three streaming video sites, but the storm has been claiming that he is a technology company

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