Darker than the entertainment industry look at these unspoken rules entrepreneurial circles

what is the unspoken rules? Wu in the unspoken rules, said: "the real control of the behavior of the group, to a greater extent, is a very realistic calculation of interest. This interest calculation results and avoid the choice, this choice results and repeated and long-term stability, clearly constitutes a set of potential rules · · · · · · tentatively called the unspoken rule." In different industries, there is a clear or dark unspoken rules exist in the Internet venture is no exception:

1, water user data

generally an entrepreneurial project will develop their own App, and then try to spread out. Let investors see the data, get more money into the next phase of operation. In a variety of ways, the fastest way to brush data is brush list. According to the brush list company broke the news that the AppStore list update time is not fixed, for an hour or two hours to update once, even the whole night not update, but as long as the time to grasp, an updated list will be rushed to the front to. The use of improper means to brush the application to the top of the list position, which cause the user to pay attention and get downloaded. In fact, this method is very early in the forum, such as the top of the landlord, a good life peace, these are full of humanistic brush list. Although the APP brush list is not very moral, but to participate in it is to make money, with the money will be used to brush more money.

The service content of

brush list studio red list (including micro-blog to buy the most popular headlines), maintenance (equal to micro-blog buy powder) and other segments of jobs, can add ratings and reviews for the application, even to the application of competitors are bad. According to media reports, the brush list is divided into the red list and maintain ranked two, the red list, rushed to the AppStore TOP5 free list for the price of 25 thousand yuan, TOP5 to maintain the cost of one day is divided into 28 thousand yuan. Brush list means a lot, from the previous brush with the software list, and then simulate the artificial, and now directly into the human hand brush list. So do some special brush list people should do publicity: "ancestral brush list, pure manual operation, absolutely does not contain any component technology. Brush peace of mind, with ease."

is more than the number of users, even the enterprise sales, site visits, customer conversion rate data of all can be fake. South Korea’s plastic but also so that our entrepreneurs can put the whole website customers are out! Once regarded as community O2O benchmarking enterprise community 001, from its inception to the present, has not stopped the data fraud controversy. October 2014, one of its angel investors Xue Xue had announced in micro-blog, the community 001 received $100 million B round of financing, valuation reached RMB 2 billion yuan. By way of high-profile fight back rumors of fraud. But soon in August this year, the media broke the community more than 001 stores have not been paid for months. According to media reports

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