Wang Shi was not the first emperor to abdicate he was the capital of the founder of these injuries

Abstract: in a similar dispute Baowan such enterprises in the war, has been expelled from the founder of the capital, also can not keep up with the rhythm of the capital CEO, but more of the truth we can make nothing of it, maybe the truth such as the phrase "Xin pulsecam all silent ecstasy like mystery.


"my fate is not very important, important is the culture can continue. From a certain point of view, we are Vanke culture watcher."

Wang Shi say this sentence, how much helpless. Yesterday the media openly saying: Wang Shi, if you kill a hero, come back.

if Wang Shi left, I am afraid that it is a new capital founder of the tragic story.

in the history of Chinese business, like Wang Shi, as the founder of the capital is not a small number of injured. They are all because of differences with shareholders and eventually left his own big company.

so, now that those who leave the founder of the development of the enterprise how to today’s "drive Wang movement" and what enlightenment?

"Sina founder Wang Zhidong is reluctant to leave"

in the Baidu encyclopedia, we see, for the first few lines of Wang Zhidong’s introduction is: China’s Internet industry, the first of the ten most influential business leaders. Sina founder, successfully created the first portal of China’s large network of sina, known as the king of the Chinese network, has led Sina to become the world’s largest Chinese portal and in 2000 successfully listed in NASDAQ.

these words, Wang Zhidong will have personal achievement and influence in the early introduction of very clearly visible, Wang Zhidong’s name in the field of early Internet influence is very big. The following introduction – Wang Zhidong has chosen to leave Sina at the peak of his career.

in fact, his departure was not his wish, but a sudden.

1998, Wang Zhidong served as CEO, June 2001, sina Duan Yongji and other 5 directors on the board of directors of the Wang Zhidong suddenly declared exempt from all positions in Sina, because Wang Zhidong insisted that save portal way is advertising, but then Sina advertising revenue growth is slow, but he firmly opposed to holding $400 million cash and merger plan.

about this sudden decision, Wang Zhidong also said that sina announced he decided to change to the chief executive of the company, they have been given no advance notice of them to take this action, not to give him the opportunity of this action or related issues are discussed and explained. He didn’t get any kind of explanation until he left.

according to the report issued by Sina, said: Wang Zhidong is due to personal reasons to resign. Subsequently, Wang Zhidong released >

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