Chen Chunhua Ren Zhengfei said we don’t need employees at HUAWE Thanksgiving

a winter, sitting in front of the fireplace, no one to disturb, no phone to enter, everything is leisurely, listen to the global influential enterprise founder Mr. Ren Zhengfei’s "Founding" the understanding of a "quality" and adhere to the enterprise value.

at the end of 2016, Tian Tao, Meng Ping, Cao Yi, and Professor Yao Yang, we meet together to communicate with HUAWEI founder Mr. Ren Zhengfei, about 9:30 good morning to see, a meeting place, Mr. Ren has thought very early there, very touched. Sit down, Mr. Ren see we wear thin, ask coworkers, look at the fireplace room is free, if idle, we move to there, can be confirmed in the past, the president will take our transition to another conference room.

to my surprise, Mr. Ren was driving himself with us in the past, and I say that the Yao teacher, is the most expensive "driver", but Mr. Ren said he was going to meet us this morning to the hotel, but see the route is not smooth, worried about the impact of the meeting time, so directly to the conference room waiting for us. Sitting in the car personally driving, more admiration for mr..

The two part of the

just a meeting, has been deeply impressed, this is a completely different leader, although I follow the HUAWEI case for 20 years, also have a different opportunity with HUAWEI executives to communicate, see and hear for a variety of HUAWEI in more media, while Tian Tao was writing "a fall is not a process of HUAWEI" in the book, we have maintained communication, but to meet with the president, the two part of the start, let me have a different understanding, a unique experience.


took us to a new exchange place, this room, fireplace has lit a fire in the fireplace, we sat down around the table, a warm conversation so begins. Do not know why, I suddenly thought of the Ming and Qing Dynasties famous literary works, "talk" to judge, the author Wang Yongbin is a virtual winter hold fire, and close friends talk about the situation, in order to "shelter Liye" as topic, respectively from the ten aspects of morality, self-cultivation, reading, Anpinyuedao, godson, filial piety, thrift, reveals the "meritorious, Liyan Lide," with the "down" the profound meaning. Now we are in a real winter fireplace, listen to create a "founder of influential enterprises in the global business" this is the profound meaning, so I put this exchange, called "fire on" to the mind.


do it is genius, do not come out is talent.

talk to him from a new friend Yao teacher from a multinational companies to enter the HUAWEI work about the friend Yao teacher to HUAWEI is very happy, this is a technical expert, he felt the most happy is that HUAWEI has no hard examination for him, but let him study. Yao teacher asked: this way of management, will not get the results of R & D

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