Come from blogger to hand piece to the contents of the public number WeChat entrepreneurship spring

Abstract: an incomplete statistics, since WeChat launched a public number, content from the media there are many tens of millions, billions of dollars of valuation. The logic of thinking, the valuation of 1 billion 320 million 12 cylinder car 150 million, a 100 million video, catering boss reference 100 million, 50 million, ten point wine family reading 30 million……


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Wen Wen

consciousness about the content of cognitive concept "is still derived on the Internet era content is king", a website without good content is approximately equal to no soul, with the search and the flow of the throne had coerced content. Now the 60 year old aunt and 15 year old junior high school students are in the "business" together, it sticks to add "content", "business" of the content necessary to ignite the fire……

new top founder Xu Da said he is more love for content creators to describe today’s media people. In fact, many of today’s WeChat has been institutionalized, is no longer a person’s self media. The content of entrepreneurship is not confined to the concept of the media.

content entrepreneurship started in the last century.

in 2005 to write a blog is popular, in 2010 to write a blog is a kind of persistence, now still writing blog should be called antique. The second is more than 1 years of the Internet world, a few years ago, be in full swing blog look back now is the product of the last century.

outstanding writers such as keso, Ruan a peak, with three tables, and so on bridge in the blog era emerged. With the three table in 2011, the question was answered, "is there a future for blogging?" he said, "from a business point of view, the blog has no future. From the point of view of personal use, there will be people in the future. Because it can not find a better alternative to the form of blog, unless micro-blog does not limit the number of words. "

has a promising but no money, the blog was quickly micro-blog stole the limelight.

in 140 words, short, flat, fast micro-blog world, this novel hand piece species, like exercisebooks, genius panda, stay a few hands, more of a piece of forwarding and comment than the number of magazines sold in one year; special memories weskit circle powder every day take a cat a dog the numerous; grassroots network in micro-blog red minute rise…… Micro-blog looks like a psychedelic world could not create.

Sina micro-blog third quarter earnings report, in September 2015 the number of monthly active users of micro-blog was 222 million, an increase of 33% over the same period last year. September 2015 micro-blog daily active users was 100 million, an increase of 30% over the same period last year. Third quarter net revenues of $124 million 700 thousand, compared with $84 million 100 thousand in the same period last year, an increase of $105 million 900 thousand in the 2015 third quarter advertising and marketing revenues of $48%.

micro-blog and micro-blog cruising in the big V, are on.

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