Who will be the unicorn in the Chinese enterprise service market in the future

lead: we believe that the future in this field will appear excellent platform level companies, they will be very influential and BAT match.


if you say in China, what are the huge market space in the field of entrepreneurship, but has not been widely excavated, the enterprise service market is definitely regarded as a. China has more than 2200 small and medium enterprises, but their needs are far from being met. In the United States, CRM provider Salesforce market capitalization has been close to $50 billion, enterprise class application giant Oracle market capitalization is to achieve an amazing $170 billion, SAP has reached $84 billion. In China, even $1 billion enterprise application has not yet appeared.

in 2015, China’s corporate service outlet is approaching, with the growing number of start-up companies, their demand for business services is also growing. Some investors expect the future in this area will form a trillion market, many investment institutions began to layout in the field of sales management application, enjoy numerous off off, the tool is easy to express, reimbursement application management software, oneapm based cloud computing service provider Ucloud, instant messaging, talent management cloud ring letter Sen is a leader in this application in the field of.

Who will be in the

Chinese enterprise services market unicorn in the future? We believe that the future in this field will appear excellent platform level companies, they will be very influential and BAT match. If you focus on other business services, like "digging" and "water bearer"; if you focus on solving pain points for startups, help them to improve the efficiency of improving income; if you think you are, without loss of start-up companies is that they…… then, please don’t keep a low profile the station to the China! Innovation stage! Let us know you! Let more entrepreneurs know you! At this stage put in front of your products into entrepreneurs, investors pushed to the front! Then playfully said to them: I am the China public innovation, entrepreneurship the real movers


so, the question is: what kind of entrepreneur can stand on this stage? What kind of stage is it?

innovation China DEMO CHINA is from the United States, China’s largest growth in the development of innovative technologies, products and business model demonstration activities. On August 27th -28, Chinese Innovation Summit will fall again Hangzhou, then, the scene will gather more than 6000 entrepreneurs, investors, media people, full attention your way of innovation. Appear on the stage of the project is hot recruitment, and so you come to sign up!

as long as you venture to meet the following conditions, you can sign up for the 2015 China Innovation autumn summit, get the opportunity to show up:

1, innovative products, technologies and business models;

2, a company or

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