From billionaire to zero assets of the United States female Jobs myth is how to burst

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June 1, 2016, the Forbes website will be the beauty of Regal · (Elizabeth Holmes) net asset valuation from $4 billion 500 million last year, down to zero. She founded the medical high-tech blood diagnostics company Theranos is currently undergoing a number of agencies surveyed last week was also accused of court.


last year, "Forbes" who had Holmes as "the world’s youngest start empty-handed richest woman, her company Theranos valuation is $9 billion. But the site said that the company’s actual value may be only $800 million. "The valuation is so low, held by Holmes shares has been basically not worth a hair."

this article will take you to know Elizabeth · and Theranos’s past life.

venture goddess and her star company

Holmes was born in February 1984, its mother Noel Anne (Noel Anne), is a U.S. congressional committee staff, the father of Christian Holmes (Christian Holmes), the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and other government agencies work.

when Holmes was a child, she moved with her parents from Washington, to Houston, to china. During her life in China, Holmes was only a teenager, but she started her own business and sold the C++ compiler to Chinese universities.

Holmes’s great grandfather was a surgeon who wanted to follow his great grandfather and become a doctor. However, she later discovered that she was afraid to see the needle, so it affected the subsequent founder of Theranos.

Holmes studied chemical engineering at Stanford University. When she was the first grade, became the "Principal Disciple" (President s Scholar), this honor to help her get $3000 allowance, and enjoy the qualification to participate in research projects.

In 2003

, the chemical engineering professor Robertson Channing · (Channing Robertson) with the help of Holmes, founder of the Real-Time Cures (later renamed Theranos), wanted to find a handheld device, so as to simplify and standardize the blood flow detection. After a semester, Holmes dropped out of College in the basement of the University began his career, when she was only 19 years old.

by the end of 2004, Theranos financing has more than $6 million 900 thousand, the first $1 million investment from the founder of the German Vc firm

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