Taxi application of the spring really come

since the second half of last year, the taxi application has gradually entered the people’s vision, perhaps by the spring has just arrived in the spring breeze, taxi applications are also becoming hot in major cities. From the beginning of "shook his trick car taxi drops fast taxi up to 30 now quite a variety of applications," such as the night suddenly spring to the pear tree open feeling. However, the application of a hot market behind it means that the taxi company’s considerable income and good prospects for development?.

first, the market has been fully immature

that’s a bad sign. Because the market will lead to a high threshold of entry, but the market share of the company can not develop into a mature market, or it takes a long process. Look at the taxi market, the first is technology company launched a taxi applications, due to the application of design is relatively simple, after the pilot began to enter the field of taxi and success, more technology companies saw its strong market potential, the influx of the taxi software has more than 30 models, and this number will maintain a certain growth potential. However, if the taxi software cannot break due to geographical and space caused by the barriers to competition, access to more taxi software will only make the taxi market become chaotic, directly affect the development of the taxi market.

two, market confusion led to vicious competition


has no clear solution to the barriers to competition, access to more taxi software also led to some vicious competition, such as offline promotion personnel malicious uninstall other software to fast taxi and shook his trick car outbreak PR slobber war, this industry is not big before, had been caught in the whirlpool of malicious competition. But on the other hand, because the taxi behind are managed by the taxi company, the application effect of taxi software to direct the deployment of taxi taxi companies, taxi companies will find ways to combat the impact of software such as taxi, taxi software launched its own, with its own unique advantages in resources such as fleet resources, market supervision the characteristics of traffic control, to curb the impact of software taxi taxi companies, taxi software to break the geographical barriers to form their own resources is not an easy thing, this is also to some extent hindered the taxi software development and maturity.

three, profit is not clear

is the most important thing for a booming application that has the market but can’t make a profit from it. China’s electricity supplier is also a lot of examples of the fall. In addition, we can also look at the fire in recent years, the two most popular social applications, micro-blog and WeChat. Users of the two applications is a super large number, while Sina and Tencent behind in order to maintain the normal operation of the two applications and spent a lot of manpower and resources, but because of the profit model is not clear, Sina micro-blog to allow a large number of grassroots large profits at the same time is fast because of no clear profit pattern eventually subsided under.

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