n fact in many ways Wangzhuan another may have a new discovery

I’m not just talking about what the Wangzhuan master, my own Wangzhuan real experiences and feelings. I feel it is more and more difficult to make money now, Baidu K station every day, Google Adsense price is always low and can not be low, the union code for some time, always see no response. Moreover, traffic is always in our hearts forever heart, a program to a IP looks really sad.

we are always looking forward to the emergence of a miracle, always think that the article is not enough, SEO do not good enough, the number of spam posts are not enough, the soft Wen wrote no level… So over and over again, day after day waiting… The result is not necessarily better.

one thing I began to reflect on, I bought a foreign host, know the host is a Affiliates program, is to buy others host through your links, you have a commission, but the Commission is very high, some $65, or $150. Know is know, nor how to do, there is a foreign forum, made a signature links, later forgotten, one day received host mail, said the people who buy the host through the link, I can get 100 dollars, was very surprised, MD, do Adsense do half a year less than 100 knives, this point a 100 knife. So the processing, also made a introduction of foreign host station, and results have been received nearly a thousand knives, a small fortune, funny is a foreign host actually with a buy, send me three times to check, it is unexpected, it seems it is kind of foreigner, I know poor, multiple points, only domestic black buckle, who did not have received more than 35 fighting experience? Haha! At home but also a lot of people do, not long ago looked like Wang Tong also made such a recommendation to stop foreign host, such a high commission should be very attractive! I am not too focused, do this, and get the results, there is little money, not rich, alas, a big disadvantage of life, sometimes I wish you were "paranoid".

In fact, there are many good

foreign network project, early flattening the boundaries, such as a GDI (http://s.www.2688.ws) project, the simple point that you buy an international domain name in there, and you will have global domain name system, in fact, the Godaddy class can also apply to his agent, but at least a year to pay $99. This domain name is not a lot of stuff which stationmaster ah, China blogging, engage in e-commerce, open shop so much, don’t you think nobody wants? This is a 5 layer distributor system, in fact the direct selling is a really good stuff, or direct sales to US $billions a year? As long as you know how to use the multiplication system, and try to do, the results will make you surprised myself, if you listen to direct will resist, even with a disdainful mentality, forget it, that you don’t have to look. Some people abroad do this income

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