Do Wangzhuan novice execution is the key

I remember a few years ago, to understand the creative school Wangzhuan, have become fashionable for a time. Regardless of everyone now he mixed attitude, but the fact is that he indeed had led a group of people to earn money, and he himself, is the Internet Wangzhuan glorious miracle was. Even it is no exaggeration to say, as the originator of the creative school Wangzhuan him, seems to be one of the important characters of open Chinese Wangzhuan era.

is also from that time, more and more people began to pay more attention, the creative people. Believe that through effective creative, can produce high profits, so as to realize the real wangzhuan. However, as for the creative Wangzhuan attention, more and more people, to the front of the computer every day daydream, and not to consider the real money online.

more and more creative, but the real performance of the people, but less and less. More and more ideas, but every idea will end in failure. No matter whether we cut these ideas work, light to see everyone a day for several Wangzhuan practices, is enough to make people feel that the possibility of success is so low. Because creative ideas are important, but if these ideas are not really implemented, then no matter how successful ideas, and ultimately can not generate profits.

remember when I was young, I heard the old man tell a joke. The bear breaking stick, care for this and lose that. Indeed, many are just beginning to do Wangzhuan friends, often the project is still in operation, suddenly have seemingly better ideas, then, went to the operation of the new project, so repeatedly, but finally found himself.

if there is no creativity, then not only will not make money, but may lose money. And if only the executive force and no creativity, then you may earn a lot of money, or earn less money. Therefore, I personally believe that execution is far more important than creativity. Creativity requires only a little, and the rest, is to execute the infinite power.

for some Wangzhuan novice, you may feel you are not creative. Don’t worry, you only need to study hard, enrich your knowledge and strengthen your understanding. At the same time enrich their experience of knowledge, you will gradually nurtured their own ideas. With creativity, it is necessary to adhere to, to do. Any project, I believe, only persist for 3 months, we can see a little light, insist on a year, can be achieved.

You may think that this

Ma Yun flourishes myth worthy of admiration, but do you know, Ma Yun in the rich before the preparation is how adequate? Ma Yun has experienced several years of time to improve, the industry transformation, gradually completed today’s Alibaba. It is not a short period of time caused by the rich. If you do not even have the executive power, then you talk about how to grow?

Finally I wish you

through their own efforts, realize the day make a million fortune dream! Leave a address for everyone to exchange Wangzhuan ha.

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