Jumei com Chen ou no self doubt not today’s United States

Chen ou: today to share all the experience to everyone, I hope you stay doubtful, to maintain self doubt. I hope you have a day to enjoy life, financing 100 million dollars in a nouveau riche, but keep on self doubt before the nouveau riche, you can go further.


Liu Yang / titanium Media Editor in June 1, 2014, jumei.com founder and CEO Chen Ou in Forbes Chinese second gathered. As a successful landing on the NYSE youngest Chinese enterprise CEO, he talked about how jumei.com is from a grass root enterprise, turned the NYSE market capitalization of $4 billion entrepreneurial story.

Chen Ou warned entrepreneurs to keep questioning, not questioning others, but learn to question their own.

questioned business model. No need to defend their business models of entrepreneurs, because the so-called insist on entrepreneurship is insist on team struggle to, rather than the insistence of the business model, adhere to more than the founder little inner pride. In the high-speed Internet in the context of change, only the business model continued to question, to find the outlet, to go with the flow.

questioned expansion. Most companies get the money will start crazy expansion, increase the business line, the results of all of the financing into inventory can not be sold. Early entrepreneurs, we must know where the bullet can hit a pit, a single point of breakthrough barriers to the establishment of start-up companies play.

questioned the employing. To judge the value of talent, the core is the ability to solve problems, rather than his aura.

questioned advertising. Don’t throw cannot read the media, first assume that all advertising media are liars, assuming all the marketing is invalid, and try to prove, they find traces of cheating. If you can not prove, began to consider putting.

is the following Chen Ou speech original text from Forbes Chinese network:

Hello! I am Chen ou, the founder of jumei.com, CEO, today I’m very glad to meet you, to share with you, entrepreneurs how miserable, a lot of experience, how to die.

history of the United States only melt 13 million U.S. dollars, the electricity supplier in the calculation of the absolute poor business, today is very difficult. Not much money for entrepreneurs, I hope the grass root logic poly beauty can give you some inspiration.

Joe Gang said, stay foolish, stay hungry. Today I add one, stay doubtful, to keep questioning. You may say that I am too good at questioning, and I question my opponent’s unfair competition every day.

when the server does not open, it must be an opponent attack, when the opponent financing success, ah sure financial fraud. When a company goes public, it’s all over the world

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