The new era of money who moved my website

uses a headline that seems to be a buzzword. What to do to make money, of course, is a real estate developer, a piece of land covered with hundreds of floors, which is full use of resources. What are you doing? I ask? Do not dare to say the most profitable occupation, but also than the average person to make money, I do wangzhuan. This is the use of resources – part-time money. Before you know that playing games on the computer, I was not occupation game player is not expected to make money, so to do wangzhuan. This is the full use of resources, more than playing games to make money, it is certain to say, blow it. Xu Mumu (Xu Sanduo) has a famous saying — to live a good life, to do a good job is to do a lot of meaningful things. I said, the Internet is good, is to do a lot of meaningful things to do, a lot of meaningful things that do wangzhuan. (tamper with HA HA) use your resources to come, you are the future of the rich oh.

Wangzhuan is how to make money? Now with that, as the name suggests, "Wangzhuan" refers to the use of computer equipment, server through Internet (Internet) to make money from the internet. At the way before Wangzhuan Wangzhuan e-commerce, selling goods, the membership, advertising agency, money, money, surfing game download software to make money, make money gambling etc.. For the general public, the easiest thing to do is to make money to make money, click to make money, make money, surf to make money, search to make money. Because this money means less investment, sometimes as long as there is a computer with internet access on the line, so people sometimes vividly called free wangzhuan". Said the following Wangzhuan company in case of no special note is that these "free wangzhuan".

Wangzhuan usually consists of users, advertisers and site in the middle three. "Mail Wangzhuan" where the user is the general public, the ultimate receiver advertisement, I was one of them; advertisers involved in advertising is to provide products and services to businesses, pay the cost of advertising is the final one; it is the intermediary website, the use of Internet technology will be transferred to the advertising advertisers users and, together with the user to share the advertising revenue is directly deal with the user of a party. Plainly, a part of us earn money is from the network advertising. You read his ad, he pays you. The combination of advertising and the Internet has created a new era of online money making. It’s a normal thing to spend money on customers. "Click Wangzhuan" in a nutshell, is to see the advertising money! Advertisers advertising costs to Wangzhuan A, we browse the advertisers on the site A, A from the Wangzhuan advertisers pay for advertising costs a portion with Internet users to share, to attract Internet users, attracting traffic, which can attract more A website the advertisers make more advertising. The Internet users have also been gains in order to achieve the purpose of win-win. "Surf money" operation is very simple, only need to follow the "prompt steps, once registered, you can surf, what do not flow inside the tube, what you need to add one or several for traffic exchange Url, looks on

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