Do some Taobao customer summary cheats

recently in the circle of the fire model to make money is non Taobao customers, looking at income on the billboard list, we are ready to. I think this article came out, many people destined to be attacked. It does not matter, say the words of others, let others have nothing to say.

in the webmaster website, forum, all the so-called Taobao guest "cheats", what is more, emerge in an endless stream, out of money. But we often ignore that the so-called Taobao guest "successful", many even own Taobao back off income was 0 (of course, it is likely that they include me, network information is very rich, how to editing, it is king). I don’t know how to judge whether the so-called "cheats" is successful. Personally think that the success of Taobao customer cheats only one keyword ranking. Maybe you can use the method to understand the teacher’s day in one thousand yuan, perhaps you can use your own unique cheats a monthly income of million. So if you don’t work one day, what will happen? Can it last 1 days, 1 weeks, or 1 months, or 1 years?

only SEO, although not to say once and for all, at least not to repeat the post every day plus group, etc.. Even if you don’t work for a day or a few days, it’s not going to be a business. As we all know, the search engine is one of the flow rate is very high traffic sources. Do a single page optimization friends may have more say, a single digit IP may bring hundreds of income, no exaggeration. Or you might say: Keywords various traffic high, high commission are occupied with the master, simply can not go. OK. The key words are not crowded into the competition, the competition is always the key words. Two articles a day to do the long tail, always no problem, into the long tail flow than the flow of the keywords price is higher. To be honest, SEO is not a very magical thing, a little content + a little outside the chain, the content of the construction of the construction of the chain a lot of ways, not in the scope of this article, every day, that is SEO. Take advantage of site and, you will find traces of others. In the final analysis, the key is a question of implementation. Here is not encouraging everyone to do SEO, you can still stick to their effective promotion strategy, just proposed to do at the beginning of Amoy friends, take a little time every day, cultivate own old station weight, even if not early income, as is the ideal way to


there is a shortcut to success, but not the majority of people found that the discovery is not a shortcut. Before he has not become a minority, do the road ready, diligence and insist on doing rankings, Taobao is the best customer.

God helps those who help themselves!

finally, also inevitably vulgar, I wanted the station:, Links, and like-minded friends.

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