Do Taobao customers need to guard against bad businesses play dirty trick

do Taobao guest, what do you think is the most important is to master the correct method of promotion? Or do a good user experience site?…… To say, these are very important! But most people mainly study Taobao customer promotion methods, or do the site’s ranking, the perspective of the user experience that Taobao customer only out to make money, otherwise everything is empty, but if you want to go out to promote really, or do not make money or just found earn some money with you before, great imagination gap, how is this going? If you can find the problem? Today let Qingdao SEO tell you a shop for Taobao passenger merchant flicker case, perhaps the reason you do not make money off Taobao is such bad business shop here.

Qingdao SEO

yesterday to find the background of Taobao alliance product promotion, search is a "freckle" products (note, and then see the spot product) of a product name as "the 2 generation of anti acne and India pock pox pits to scar postpartum repair blemish freckle pit repair oil" products, and then a 50% Commission. 355 month sales volume, click to enter the shop the sales of more than 5 thousand, and a Taobao mall, the first feeling is good, because the mall is the total promotion, to promote the products, and generally look at the description of the product, the results found are described in a strange question, I intended to promote it the freckle products, intermediate results described impressively write this sentence: if you want to buy freckle products please take the latest two generation freckle essence (text with hyperlink), then There is a saying: if you want to buy postpartum scar repair to scar product please take here (text with hyperlinks), in fact, this product description means that the product is only for the use of acne, if users want to buy freckle products, will click on the link in the description of another one, the most the key problem lies in the title of his product, a product has written a variety of products (the role of a variety of products in the title of your keywords)…… So I have to contact their customer service, I said I want you to promote this product, but your description of which tells the user to shoot another product, then another product promotion commission is not 50%? The customer hesitated, said we all products on commission, your heart on the line to promote. Then they made a Taobao Adsense community a recent Taobao customer recruitment notice, mean to tell me they are Taobao shops, the Commission is very high. I said you told me that another product is not 50% Commission on the line, I will promote you, not I do not promote, and then the customer will no longer deal with me. So, I looked at them another store sales charts are also described, it took two similar links, the same product, the title is marked can freckle, acne, postpartum scar repair of multiple roles, so I doubt very much, in order to confirm his guess, I it’s a title wholly intact copy of him, remember the product link address, I will search the background in the league.

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