The first choice of the company’s office 9 issues need to be carefully considered

, such as the title, the first time the company’s first choice of office space, what considerations should be taken into account, the problem was initially friends in the Quora (similar to know) on the site.

when I was in the office of the company site, I should ask the landlord what problems?

answer this question, Quora user Kevin Cronin, he is a corporate property consultant.

for any company, finding a suitable office space is both exciting and challenging. In the past few years, we have been a number of start-ups and small business customers to help them find a suitable office space. The following questions are the most important considerations that most startups need to consider in the first place:

how can I start


you have a clear business model and real estate goals at the beginning, and then you need to make a quick decision in order to take advantage of. In addition, you also need to consider many important factors, such as whether the company planned growth, geographical location, traffic, parking requirements, forecast space requirements, optimizing space structure, technical requirements, and time and budget, etc..

in order to minimize the interference, improve the efficiency of office space search, you must start to understand what they really needed for office space, in addition to the consideration of the site budget and site specifications, and clear the site required process and time, so as to ensure the successful search and "occupation" a site.

two, who will be involved in the selection of office


in the company, you need to specify a project leader, he / she will contact you a single point, reporting directly to you. If you don’t want to go to war, so in the beginning you can IT department, human resources department, and finance department into the site, to form a team. The team leader, should be a real estate and facilities in the field of the deployment of very experienced people.

not only that, you need to be sure to find a team of advisors to help you. A real estate agent may be very helpful to you, because he can represent tenants, especially on behalf of the first company and the newly established company. There are some special needs at the beginning of the company, a good real estate broker can not only well understand these needs, but also to help them find the most suitable for their owners. In addition, the remuneration of the leasing agent is usually paid by the owner of the estate, so you can benefit from a professional real estate consultant, but also do not have to pay for them.

also, you’d better find an experienced real estate lawyer, this can not only ensure the lease negotiations allows you to maintain a certain degree of flexibility, but also can ensure the relevant terms and conditions in your favor, and fair enough.

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