Silicon Valley entrepreneurs caution no need to consider the business model too early

Silicon Valley "entrepreneurial spirit" is so clear, wild and intractable. This is held in the Disrupt SF 2012 conference held a few days ago, from a number of entrepreneurs in the speech, the audience can feel. They repeatedly stressed and highly publicized, not "commercial value", but "exploration and revolution", "change the status quo", "seek out the difference" spirit.

of course, you can also understand it as a kind of self suggestion and flaunt VC.

in the first place to bring the shock is Twitter and Square · co-founder Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey); keynote speech. His key words are: the current technology industry needs "Revolution", not just "change" (Disrupt)". He said that people’s thinking about technology should change, including the attention of the field of science and technology, as well as the creation of entrepreneurial enterprises. He said: "the value of the revolution, the purpose of the revolution, which is a direction and leader. We don’t just want to change, so we can only hang around. We need direction and purpose."

and later in the meeting, the co-founder of Twitter and co-founder of the two LinkedIn have talked about: entrepreneurs do not, when to find a business model.

their similar opinion is: NO, this is not the start-up companies and entrepreneurs should consider the corresponding stage.

Twitter two Williams and Biz co-founder Evan Stone said, not always for your business how to make money while choumeikulian, profit that day will come sooner or later; a staff of 12 start-up companies can not let four people to think of ways to make money ". "There is a particularly popular product is not to make money, even to put up the shutters, what to say" bad, everyone love our products but just can’t think of a business model "this kind of words."

Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn co sponsors, venture capital Greylock partner) is clear that: the business model is not supposed to be considered but entrepreneurs have always been raised. He says people always think about business models too early. "When you are a seed company, asked ‘outside your business model is?" but in fact, seed companies like feeling the stones of the people, if you think that felt some opportunities and confident about the business model, then you are wrong, because of this the world is changing."

asked why LinkedIn was able to achieve such good results in IPO, Hoffman said it was due to their low profile. I think our success lies in the fact that no one has ever been called

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