Share original guest promotion methods Taobao blog method

believes that now many webmaster contact Taobao customer, also have a lot of friends have different ways to do, but many methods are not out of, I did a Taobao customer for a long time, summarize previous promotion experience for everyone, I hope to help you, I hope you also a lot of deficiencies thank you.

etc.anyway, turn to the question: first we open the Taobao community, go to the blog page, see what others are in search of what (see below) here we can, for example



think of what? Yes, we are using this to do the promotion, and then go to Baidu search star this keyword, look at the writing of the novel, more attractive, and then copy the whole text. Here is a little trick, how to let Taobao blog automatically to your post with your key? That is, the article is copied to the text after the word "Star" to adjust the density that you publish this article to Taobao blog, it shows the keyword "Star", and then post to your BLOG, and then in the article repeated the words under the stars. And then just put some advertising promotion, is the best that advertising is very attractive, he is buying a Never mind, it is important to make the point, and then in 15 days as long as he bought what is your commission! But this possibility is very high, you often think of Taobao, one day you may buy several things, let alone for 15 days.

then put some links on Taobao customers in the Taobao blog how, what, want to have a look at your traffic group is what kind of, for example, you write about the stars, then these people are relatively young, are likely to love fashion, celebrity, you can put some of these goods promotion. In the Taobao blog, Taobao advertising also has the advantage that the people have a Taobao account, Taobao knows how to buy things, such as targeted traffic, and will use Alipay to buy, so the turnover rate than the average in Baidu, GG advertising to flow is more valuable!

sales is sowing, sowing as long as the COOKIES, COOKIES within the period of validity, although not a long shake Qian Shu, but also to grow seedlings, small fishing, key we also cast it in the fertile land! Oh, so you every day in the search words issued several articles also, Everfount fetched the money. Here are two pictures (taobao1 and taobao2) is my words, the 3 day of the two space traffic statistics.



May 8th Taobao blog some transaction details: