They are worried do Wangzhuan novice


suggests that the network to make money, with the development of the Internet, the network with all aspects of people’s lives, people cannot do without network. At the same time, the rise of the network, creating a large number of rich. For example, Li Xiang,, Tencent, Alibaba, ma. These are the representatives of the early success of the network venture. With the continuous progress of the network, a huge team to join the network to make money in the industry.

today my experience to teach you how to correctly do wangzhuan. The maximum extent to avoid Wangzhuan road kankankeke. I am 08 years contact Wangzhuan, mainly due to the work of free time, want to work to earn money. In Wangzhuan Road, have their own hardships, have the enthusiasm to help others. It is all to be a sour, sweet, bitter, hot.

can be divided into do Wangzhuan toil to sell products, do. Look at what you belong to. In general, money online are students, office workers, worms etc.. The so-called toil is to be one line, their own money and help others make money. And their income is minimal. This kind of Wangzhuan workload. Generally about 10 hours a day online. For example, foreign clicks, registration and domestic investigation. The product is the upgrade of the former. Do these do not require continuous time online, but the overall time and toil almost every day. The difference is this Wangzhuan income higher than the former. For example, in Taobao and pat online shop, etc.. The last category is the site, have certain network knowledge. The main source of income is the website advertisement alliance advertising revenue and monthly advertising website. I love this kind of Wangzhuan, because time can be flexible allocation. Online time doesn’t take long. Usually very busy white-collar workers, college students can consider this kind of. For example, Admin5 webmaster network, NetEase, Sina, etc..

network contains business opportunities behind, there are many pitfalls. Wangzhuan opportunity and risk coexist. I am in Wangzhuan way, being deceived, was misunderstood. Every thing has two sides. Novice in do Wangzhuan must carefully observe. In the network to buy money to do the project, first of all to see if they are suitable for this project. At the same time, Baidu search under the name of the project to see if there are some bad evaluation. Or search the project under the seller’s QQ number, name, etc., to see if there is a liar and other words. In a word, think twice before you do anything. The network business course of three generations, the first generation emboldened by the second generation, on the road, the third generation by ticket. About to enter the ranks of Wangzhuan novice, think what generation they belong to


above is my experience, I hope to help beginners wangzhuan. Novice only continuous learning to progress.

Author: Wang Jian

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