The golden age of the nternet to create wealth has come


With the development of mobile

client, has now entered the real information society, it breeds a lot of new ideas, new technologies and new opportunities, when you read the following content, understand this period is how attractive, I believe you will not put too


in some recent news reports, see a lot of the birth of new Internet companies. Millet phone, logical thinking from the media program, as well as the recent 100 education and so on, these are the institutions or enterprises to create new ideas. The revolution of the Internet has been fully started……

and the state recently issued a policy: registered company, do not need to have the office, do not need money, just holding identity cards, the relevant information can be registered to a company. State policies are very supportive of these innovative companies. So for a small micro enterprise, an entrepreneur, this is really a very good time!

there are plenty of opportunities for us to develop.

first of all, the majority of the line to occupy the original resources of those enterprises, are facing challenges, faced by the revolution.

they have been thinking of doing business, and now into the Internet, it certainly does not work. Why do you say that? Because in traditional thinking, have the resources is a very important basis to create wealth, for example, to develop good products, which belongs to the resources; for example, communication channels, good advertising, good promotion and so on, which also belongs to the resources; for example, the sales staff, there is a huge sales team, or a strong sales channels, which are resources. In the traditional business of these resources, then your business will not do very poor. But into the Internet era is not the same, in the Internet age is not important resources! Why do you say that?

in the Internet is a very flat society, anyone can voice here, it spread no geographical restrictions, very fast! A new product will soon have a lot of competitors; you have communication channels, your competitors are also…… Traditional industries in these exclusive resources, will soon be the impact of the Internet, decomposition……

Internet market this flat social structure, created a commercial democratization, that is to say, the right to choose in the hands of the Internet users, he took his money to vote for his most trusted product.

is now on the Internet is not the lack of resources, the Internet is not a product, most lack of trust and affection, these are many traditional bosses do not know or do not understand, it is difficult for them to accept or to read the password.

we can see from the micro marketing training in full swing, most of the micro