Share the story of success through the Music Alliance

this year because of the larger environment, portals and other media resource prices continued to rise, causing the marketing costs of enterprises are high, more and more enterprises will focus on the promotion of marketing alliance, such as Google AdSense, Baidu Union, Taobao alliance etc.. Some of the well-known electricity providers such as B2C mall, VANCL letao also launched the alliance business. In order to seek greater market share and marketing effect transformation.

door and well-known media to promote the threshold provided by the development of the alliance, to the small and medium site owners a great opportunity for profit. As a circle between IT years of non famous webmaster, also feel this trend brings great opportunities behind. In the past to make more money is to enhance the ranking of the Alexa through the SEO, after the rise in traffic to hang advertising to generate revenue through the sale of traffic. But a considerable part of the site of the target audience is smaller, the flow pattern based on the advertising effect is very limited, not to mention profit, webmaster Wangzhuan of the road is full of hardships and setbacks. But in recent years, the development of the network alliance to the network entrepreneurs to see the dawn, the following will be familiar to some of my cases and experience to share with you, I hope you can be useful.

A website

friends began to join the music Amoy network alliance in January this year, the site belongs to the vertical type of a community website, now the average monthly sales have more than 150 thousand, according to my understanding, she takes the means of promotion are:

1, in the traffic concentration of the Forum (travel, fashion, discount, etc.) intensive music Amoy CPS advertising.

2, multi drying single, multi recommended, more affordable to users. In the online shopping and related articles and posts embedded in the Lok alliance text link advertising, can also support some drying single user actions, and find some beauty users to take their photos and online shopping over the product displayed in the respective sections, then attach in the purchase link single commodity, similar to the launch of the Master channel now VANCL this effect is very good.

3, make some coupons as benefits to members. Music Amoy will have a lot of high cost of a single product on the home page to do the promotion, then if again by way of gift coupons to be used to match, then the amount of orders is very impressive.

4, the special resources of the music alliance. Le Amoy alliance will have some special members regularly supply coupons, special offer shoes and promotions, these resources only through the music Amoy alliance channels to get, because the preferential activity is sought, which requires you to keep a long time, otherwise the likelihood of success on a relatively small number of.

is also worth mentioning, together in some Taobao stores through commercial outlets and Amoy way, the effect is very obvious, an alliance in September 2010 to join the music Amoy Taobao shop, since the average monthly sales have about 300000, its approach is also very worthy of reference.

1, followed by the music Amoy official website activities, the performance of the re selection of selective price

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