Yi Xun CEO Bu Guangqi venture biography O2O project was voted ten million

since March this year, fast and easy net are combined to Jingdong, the industry on the fast and easy network founder and CEO Bu Guangqi will leave messages can be heard without end. Although Tencent investment easy fast network had Bu Guangqi must be in the easy fast network service to 2015 conditions; but easy fast network was Jingdong integration, as the founder of the early departure of the inevitable Bu Guangqi.

easy fast network founder, CEO Bu

Bu Guangqi had in June 5, 2006 founded the China Newegg, easy fast network, and has served as the official CEO. 2010 easy fast network accepted the Tencent investment; after being gradually controlled by the Tencent; in May 2012, the public disclosure of the proportion of Tencent stake of about 80%. August 5, 2013, Tencent Inc issued an internal e-mail, the appointment of Yi Xun network CEO Bu Guangqi, vice president of Tencent Inc, Tencent electricity supplier holding company CEO Wu Xiaoguang report.

Bu Guangqi leave easy fast net time in May or June of this year, but until the middle of the year in July, Bu Guangqi confirmed that he had left. Recently, the industry came news, Bu Guangqi will venture again in Shanghai, set foot in the O2O project, and has received tens of millions of dollars in angel investment. Bu Guangqi O2O project on the specific circumstances of the temporary unknown, but many times before the expression of O2O optimistic about the views of the, the choice of O2O business is not surprising. The following is a statement or view of Bu Guangqi before O2O:

· March 2013 Analysys e-commerce event, Bu Guangqi said: "we see O2O again today, but it is around how to better meet customer needs. Therefore, the future of online and offline, I believe it is a big trend, not all of the consumer demand is satisfied online. A "future O2O is easy and we focus on the


· December 2013 2013 Hongqiao trade forum, Bu Guangqi: "with the development of mobile Internet, e-commerce entered the era of O2O, which is the third phase; will realize the fusion without borders at this stage of e-commerce and traditional retail".

million European network was informed that the Tencent internal electricity providers have two O2O projects, which are "micro shop" and "Twitter Life", the former is mainly responsible for goods such as clothing retail stores and shopping malls and other scenes of O2O, which is mainly responsible for the service life of catering enterprises, such as KTV scene O2O. Among them, the easy fast network involved in the more micro shopping". Prior to Bu Guangqi in the field of entrepreneurship O2O, and micro shopping similar possibility.

coincidentally, after Wanda electricity supplier CEO Gong Yitao and COO Ma Haiping have also chosen after the departure of entrepreneurship in the field of O2O, and the traditional electricity supplier "tree, grass to" compared to O2O regional property and service for the characteristics of the application of the business can be a large number of small and beautiful survival, O2O a wave of entrepreneurship "

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